U8A: Cobham Festival

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We really weren’t expecting to have to pack suncream and extra drinks for a rugby festival on the 2nd of October, but were awfully glad that we did for our trip to Cobham as temperatures soared to 29°C and players sat sweatily in the shade in between matches.

Our Under 8 team didn’t wilt in the heat, sailing through their qualifying group with match results of 3-3 against Weybridge Reeds, a 5-4 victory over Camberley and a 6-4 win against Guildford. Our boys demonstrated some super passing skills and the TJ tagging-machine meant that we won possession several times as a result of the “six tags only” rule that has come into force now we’re playing in this age group. The matches were fast and furious and awfully tense for those of us watching from the side!

After a lunch break came the semi-final against Battersea Ironsides (where do they get these names? Sounds like something off Dr Who…) They were a fantastic team who were very good at powering straight ahead with the ball, occasionally straight into our players, resulting in some nasty knocks. As coach Costello commented, “Our boys played their hearts out”, but sadly Battersea were just too good and we lost the match 6-3.

This is the first match I’ve ever seen this team lose, but although there were some very despondent faces and a few tears, the boys kept their spirits up to show what they’re made of when they faced Camberley again in the Plate Final and scored a resounding 6-1 victory to finish 3rd overall.

I’m not going to mention anyone in particular, because everyone did so well at this tough tournament. There was brilliant teamwork, good tagging and passing from everyone, and as the coaches commented, great behaviour all day from all the boys. Actually, someone does deserve a special mention and that’s the coaches John and Dan who were tireless in encouraging, advising and organising the team all day. Thank you!

Kath Barton


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